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So, what have I been up to?  Nothing much.  Everything. Our lives are pretty normal and routine; they’re crazy and anything but boring.

Isn’t that how life seems to go?  Have you ever felt like you’re just getting by – doing everything, going in all directions, using up every possible minute, and yet, you have nothing to show for it?  Like you’re just living day-to-day, the same mundane routine, over and over.  Overwhelmed by the ever-present to-do’s.

Maybe you don’t, but I get that way sometimes. My work load at my job has increased, we try to participate in every church activity we can, and we have a growing, very active boy.  Keeping up with routine is what gets me through from day to day right now.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and though I have come a long way in “embracing the chaos“, I still have my limits!  I’m not quite so spastic about keeping things in impeccable order, but there are some things that still drive me bonkers: a cluttered kitchen table (the bane of my existence), laundry on the floor (apparently, the bathroom floor makes a dandy laundry hamper), and dirty sinks… there are more, but those are the main ones. 🙂

So, a few weeks ago, I started to do something that has helped me keep a handle on things without getting overwhelmed.  It may be overly simplistic to you, so if you’re way ahead of this, my apologies!   I’m just one girl trying to catch up with the rest of you!

Anyway, what I started doing was just adding one thing — one — to my routine in the evenings.   I don’t mean that I add on a new one every night and end up with a longer and longer list each night.  The whole point here was for me to cut down on the crankiness and stress!  I just got the basic stuff done and then I picked one more “big” chore to do.  Like clean one bathroom, or file, or tackle the 15 loads of laundry that have been piling up all week.  Thankfully, I have a husband who is willing to help, so sometimes I actually get more done, depending on what else is going on that evening.

I tend to leave certain things until Saturday to work on because I’m tired at the end of my day.  But seriously, who isn’t?   Then my Saturday (the one day I get to stay home – and the day that I try to devote to concentrate on being a mother more than housekeeping) is completely eaten up with stuff that cannot be put off.   And there goes the whole day, wrapped up in laundry and shower scum. (That sounds so gross – but I think some of you can relate.)

At first, this “one thing at a time” idea was slow-going, because, lets be honest – doing ONE thing doesn’t have much of an impact.  However, by the end of my first experimental week, I had noticed a few things: usually that one extra chore took a max of 30 minutes to complete.  Usually more like 15 minutes.  However, by the time Saturday rolled around, I had shaved off at least 2 hours of house work from my weekend.  Fantastic!  I was also less cranky and stressed because while things were not immediately immaculate, I was at least ahead of the curve when compared to “before”.  Also, my mentality changed a little bit.  I didn’t berate myself quite so much when I didn’t get a big list crossed off at the end of the day.  Because there wasn’t a huge list to begin with!  🙂  (If only life in general could be so easily de-cluttered!)

So, now it has been… ahem… several weeks, and I decided that today, my “extra” thing would be writing.  So, here I am, sharing my oh, so non-revolutionary thoughts.  If you read this far, thanks.  It was nice talking with you!

And just maybe, if you’re a worn out mommy trying to figure out how to get your mega-list checked off, the idea of chopping your list down dramatically for a few weeks might be a welcome idea.

P.S.  By the way I don’t want you to get the idea that my husband doesn’t help out – he actually does most of the bathroom cleaning at our house, he usually spends time with the kiddo while I make dinner, he is the primary put-the-kid-to-bed-er and grass-mower, and vacuum and diaper duty falls to him half the time as well – just to name a few things.  He can pretty much do anything… as long as we don’t count cooking. 😉


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